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Our company wants to provide the chance to deliver excellent handyman services to the people of Canoga Park, California. Therefore our handymen are equipped with advanced tools & technology system to solve anything.

Proper Handyman Canoga Park is a company who prioritizes the client’s satisfaction. Therefore we have hired super skilled handymen to our company. Because the goal of our company is to give you a one-stop solution for everything.

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Just gives us a call and get a handyman to your doorstep today.

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You can compare the rates of our services with other companies. We provide the best quality work in an affordable range.

Handyman Services

AC & Heating Services

We offer premium services relating to your Air Conditioning and Heating System. Starting with installation we back you on every step for maintenance, service & repair ...

Plumbing Services

Our company will get you a handyman for all kind of plumbing services. It can be irritating when your pipes are leaking or your drainage system is blocked...

Home Maintenance & Repairs

Window, door, floor or any part of your house can face a lot of damages through internal or external sources. These damages could be of any type or size ...

Tile Installation & Repair

Our company deals with all kind of tile installation and repair. The floor is the most used component of the house, it is essential to keep it neat and beautiful ...


Interior and exterior painting of home can change the look of your home but it takes considerable time and effort. Count us in to help you with painting your home ...

Picture Hanging

We offer the finest workmanship for hanging pictures on the walls of your home and office. We can handle all sizes of frames and pictures ...

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About Us

Our company brings the service from fully trained & experienced handymen to your doorstep. Because we are here to take care of your home and office maintenance.

Our handymen offers a wide array of residential and commercial services like painting, plumbing, repairing, and installation of appliances. Therefore our skilled handyman will bring you an on-site solution for all your problems in a reliable way. Because we aim to make your life easier through our quick and expert services.

We render excellent quality & affordable services according to our clients demand and satisfaction. Therefore you can trust us with every issue whether it is as little as hanging wall paintings or as big as installing a heating system. Because we have expert technicians from every field who bring an effective solution to your problems using the latest technologies.